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NEW CITY, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) – A man on a trip from New York, who was unknowingly infected with the measles, traveled to Michigan and spread the virus to 38 other people, authorities said.

Meanwhile, Rockland County officials announced their next steps Tuesday in combating the measles outbreak. Threatening letters and hefty fines are part of the new tactics.

Rockland county is currently dealing with 186 confirmed measles cases. New York City has had 329 cases since October. In just the last two weeks, Westchester has confirmed ten cases.

Rockland residents are already getting knocks on the door and delivery of notices that say unvaccinated people exposed to measles must stay away from indoor and outdoor public places for 21 days or face $2,000 fines.

“We will restrategize at every opportunity regardless of what’s thrown in front of us. That’s just what we’re going to do,” Nassau County Executive Ed Day said.

County leaders believe a new order that’s more focused will stand up to legal challenges. It goes one step further in keeping people who are unvaccinated away from everyone else.

Watch: Rockland County Officials Update On Measles Outbreak 

The Rockland County executive and health officials are taking another shot at curbing the measles outbreak. The new order would keep unvaccinated students who don’t have medical or religious exemptions in the most affected areas from going to school, and those who have measles or have been exposed to it and are not vaccinated from going to public places, both indoor and outdoor.

They believe this order, unlike the first attempt, will stand up to lawsuits, CBS2’s Aundrea Cline-Thomas reported. The new mandate requires cooperation with investigators from the Department of Health. Failure to comply will result in fines up to $2,000 per violation per day. The Health Department will notify those affected.

“We’re not out there searching the people, arresting people, having the cops go out. That’s not what it’s about. What it’s about is reemphasizing to the people of Rockland that this is serious,” Day said.

The county also has completed an audit of school age children, has their names and addresses, and is ordering parents to keep unvaccinated children home unless they have a religious or medical exemption.

“I didn’t have that information weeks ago. Now that I have it, I’m going to look at those students and say ‘You need to be out until you get it,'” said Rockland County Health Commissioner Dr. Patricia Ruppert.

Five of the Rockland children with measles needed time in intensive care, CBS2’s Tony Aiello reported.

But some parents are suspicious of vaccine safety, including one who spoke to Aiello off camera.

“I’m deciding. I’m not sure,” one parent told Aiello.

“What’s holding you back?” he asked.

“They’re not being honest. They’re lying.”

The measles outbreak is centered in the ultra-Orthodox community, but health officials say unvaccinated people in the general population are definitely at risk. The communities mingle at shopping centers and other pubic places, where the measles virus can survive for hours in the air and on surfaces.


More than 18,000 vaccines have been given as many residents comply with the growing concern. Still, health officials say more needs to be done.

County leaders estimate the impact of this outbreak to be at least $2 million.

Vaccines are available for free, and officials stress that it’s safe. Health experts say concerns about the vaccines are “junk science.”

In New York City Monday, the health department shut down a Brooklyn preschool after it allegedly refused to provide vaccination records.

Williamsburg is home to the most cases in the city. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the neighborhood has seen 39 new cases in the last week alone.

The number of confirmed measles cases tops 500 between Rockland County and New York City since the outbreak started last October.

Click here for more information on the Rockland County outbreak.

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  1. codetalker says:

    All those who are basically tolls repeating the same comments on every board, are you up to date on your MMR. You know the CD haa an Adult Vaccination Schedule for you-in fact the entire country. That’s what this WMD Measles type propaganda is all about. The HHS Healthy People 2020 agenda. Ck it put on their website. So if you haven’t had a MMR say in the last 2 years because the vaccine effectiveness has waned-you’re due. Go to the local health dept. or your doctors and roll up you sleeve. They will want to do a catch up schedule for you so that’s all the vaccine you haven’t has since you last vaccine as a teenager. Ck out the CDC Adult Vaccination Schedule. They have had it ready to go for the last few years. Oh keep in mind there will be no exemptions. Usually the number of catch up shots is about 12-15.

  2. James G. Fawls says:

    Nassau County executive WHO?

  3. People who visit New York City need to be identified like sex offenders. They are a threat to America. NYC is a threat to America.

  4. Lee Campbell says:

    So is this about the man who unknowingly spread the measles virus or the 38 who should’ve had gotten the vaccine shots too?

  5. FU anti-vaxxers. billions get vaccines with no side-effects. measles was gone until your ‘holier than thou’ attitude brought it back.

    1. David C. Evans says:

      Look up VAERS and then tell me that vaccines are safe. Why do you think the unvaccinated started this measles outbreak? It is sad to see so many lies and misinformation being spread, including those about herd immunity. Another important factor that isn’t widely appreciated is that recently vaccinated individuals may actually spread disease. This is why, in the Johns Hopkins Patient Guide for immunocompromised patients, it makes no mention about avoiding non-vaccinated individuals… but it does mention avoiding “contact with children who are recently vaccinated.” And, why do you think that an unvaccinated person is automatically carrying the disease? Where did it come from ?

  6. Mary E Tormey says:

    It seems the logical thing to do is to stop giving people the vaccine, that has proven not to prevent measles, when they come through New York. The Mexicans coming over the border through horrible conditions, don’t have the measles because they haven’t been exposed, like the privileged class people, passing through New York..

  7. Vaccines are so safe they made a vaccine injury court. “National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program” Also remember the government always tells the truth.

  8. Warrior of GOD says:

    This is what you get when you allow third world people (aka illegals) into our country…..

  9. Fred Smith says:

    W don’t any of these “journalists” tell you how this all started? These all started in Rockland County, spread to Brooklyn and is spreading from there. It all started with the Hasid communities in Monsey, NY and it spreading from there. God forbid you tell the truth.

  10. Did the author think to ask the obvious question here? How many of the 38 infected persons had already been vaccinated?

  11. Paull Cudak says:

    All of you IGNORANT OPEN BORDER LIBERALS & ANTIVAXERS I hope you enjoy the misery you brought onto yourselves.
    Ignorant to first vaccinate your children, and IGNORANT about the unvaccinated INVADERS you want to enter. ENJOY!

  12. Beth Duggan says:

    “There have been 18,173 vaccinations given since the beginning of the outbreak, a number that has increased by 1,215 since the state of emergency was declared.” If the newly vaccinated are not ALSO being forced to be quarantined and stay out of public places, a vicious cycle is being set up. Is the health department differentiating wild-type measles from attenuated-vaccine-strain measles?? In this article, we read that “It has been shown that following the immunization of healthy children, the measles virus can be detected in urine as early as one day and as late as 14 days” I hope that the department of health is doing testing of each case of measles to find out if it is wild-type or attenuated-vaccine-strain. Otherwise all the hype and panic and rules are USELESS and actually making matters worse.

  13. Sharon Berryhill Ratliff Clerc says:

    Why should religious beliefs allow an unvaccinated child to go to school? Catching measles from a religious child vs an agnostic child is still measles. People who commented that the vaccine was unsafe, where is your proof? . you choose to believe uñeducated ignorant rumor mongers vs medical professionals,.enough said.

  14. Allie Fuj says:

    Why is there no mention of the fact that Merck has been in Federal Court FOR NINE YEARS on fraud charges for the MMR vaccine, accused by their own virologists of falsifying the efficacy data? Parents have valid reason to distrust both the vaccine and any policy that punishes them for not trusting it. The case is ongoing, despite Merck’s attempts to get it thrown out, which suggests that there is evidence of malfeasance.

  15. Laurel Townley says:

    I read all the measles symptoms, possible residual side effects and all the other info. Now where is the same info on the MMR vaccine? Informed consent, please.

  16. Nick Quinlan says:

    Obvious fear mongering over a mild childhood infection that clears in a week or so in children that are not malnourished. This is nothing but an attempt to raise the bar towards force vaccinating everyone, nothing to do with health care, the vaccines do not work. More importantly, they are NOT safe.

  17. Gil Stonebarger says:

    close the southern border…..

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