NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – There’s been another apparent incident of debris falling from an elevated subway track into a car below.

This time it happened Thursday night at River Avenue and 161 Street near Yankee Stadium in the Bronx.

Photos show what appears to be a piece of metal in the car’s back seat and the car’s smashed rear window. It landed right where a toddler usually sits.

“MTA your tracks fell onto my window!” Angelic Guerrero wrote on Twitter. “I had so much plans for this weekend but guess what… I have no car for the weekend! I can’t even drive myself to the airport on Sunday! What a inconvenience.”

(credit: Jessica Layton/CBS2)

CBS2’s Jessica Layton was with her when she saw the damage to her car in the light of day.

“Oh man, this is horrible,” she said.

Two rusty brackets from the subway platform fell and pierced her back windshield.

“This could’ve been my son in the back seat,” she said.

The mother to 16-month-old Mason is still shaken by the sight of shattered glass covering the car.

Angelic stopped parking her car near her apartment because it kept getting vandalized. She thought the spot near Yankee Stadium was safer, never imagining metal would fall from the train platform above. Now she’s without a car, stuck paying out of pocket for parking and ride share vehicles until the MTA moves on her complaint.

“I’m really angry. And what makes me really mad is I have to wait for them,” she said.

MTA workers spent much of the day Friday inspecting the section of track where it happened.

Councilman Jimmy Van Braemer has been fighting to get the MTA to install protective netting beneath elevated tracks after four similarly close calls in the past few months.

In March, a driver from Queens said a metal bolt plunged into her car from the A train tracks at Liberty Avenue and 115th Street, creating a noticeable gash in her vehicle. Also in March, a piece of debris fell from elevated track in Sunnyside. In February, there were two incidents along Roosevelt Avenue in Queens, including a wooden beam which punctured the windshield of a car.

“We are sitting on a ticking time bomb, and it’s only a matter of time until we aren’t breaking windshields but cracking people’s heads open,” Van Braemer said.

“You guys need to do way better,” Angelic said.

They’re both wondering how many times this will have to happen before the people in power tack action, Layton reported.

CBS2 has contacted the MTA asking why this keeps happening and what can be done to stop it. The agency received our requests for comment, but we still have not heard back.

  1. Kenneth W. Church Jr. says:

    It is going to happen again. I was standing at the south stair on the Manhattan side of the 4 train at Mosholu parkway station. I photographed the rotted and collapsing railroad ties. There is a steel rail connector that has detached and could fall through to the roadway below. This is an extreme condition that I reported to the MTA and must be inspected.

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