'I Truly Pray You Will Suffer Each And Every Day': Father Of Gabriella Boyd Speaks Out In Court

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A Mamaroneck mother who pleaded guilty to killing her 2-year-old daughter was sentenced Thursday to 25 years to life in prison.

Cynthia Arce appears in court for sentencing on Oct. 31, 2019. (credit: CBS2)

Cynthia Arce, 29, was sentenced for the murder of her daughter Gabriella Maria Boyd on April 28, 2018, reports CBS2’s Tony Aiello.

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Arce spent months pleading not guilty and attempted to mount a psychiatric defense before changing her plea in September.

Gabriella’s father Stephen Boyd made a victim impact statement.

WATCH: Cynthia Arce Complete Sentencing

“It is unbelievable and inconceivable that you took the life of my two and a half year old little girl who could barely speak. She was defenseless. She was innocent. And yet, you murdered her. I can not put into words the pain and suffering that you have inflicted upon me and my entire family. In short, there are no adequate words,” Boyd said. “Gabriella was the happiest little girl when she was with us on the weekends. She was laughing, smiling and being silly. Later on today, we would have been trick or treating. You took it all away.”

Gabriella’s father Stephen Boyd delivers a victim impact statement during the sentencing of Cynthia Arce on Oct. 31, 2019. (credit: CBS2)

“You have failed at everything in life. You failed at school. You failed at holding down a job. You failed in your relationships. You failed at your capacity as a parent. And you failed to even abide by the most basic moral obligations. You never deserve the title mother because of everything you put this little girl through,” Boyd said. “In short, you are evil, selfish and a baby killer. The term that you serve, and I hope it is for the rest of your life, is clearly justified. I truly pray you will suffer each and every day of that term, and never be returned from the world outside of your cell. From A block to Z block, you’re going into state penitentiary as a child murderer, not a cop killer.”

Prosecutors said eight months after killing Gabriella, Arce inflicted more pain on Boyd and his family by from jail, writing “it’s comical how you hold on to her ashes. The four of you will never see her again. Happy New Year.”

Asked if she wanted to address the court, Arce said “No, your honor.”

“There are some things I want to say to you,” Judge Barry Warhit said. “Good mothers will do anything for their child. Good mothers will give their life for their child. But unspeakably, you took your child’s life. You are in a special category of evil. A mother who takes a toddler’s life. An innocent child trusted you, that child trusted you. Would go anywhere you told her to go. You betrayed her. And then you had the temerity to write notes, and I have them, where you proclaimed ‘Now we will be at peace together forever. Now we are free.’ You’re not free. You are far from free. And you’re not together. You extinguished a young, beautiful girl’s life. Heartless. Cowardly. Gutless. You should be ashamed of yourself in every possible way.”

“I hope they never let you out,” Warhit added. “You should do every minute of your life behind bars.”

The courtroom erupted into applause as Arce was escorted out.

According to investigators, grandmother Maria Solarzano discovered the violent scene in her Mamaroneck home where the toddler’s body was in bed “surrounded by stuffed toys.”

Arce had reportedly slashed herself and was in a bloody bathtub. The woman had written two notes to her mother; one said Gabriella was “joining the angels.” The other – an apparent suicide note – said Arce was “now with her daughter.”

Arce survived the alleged murder-suicide and then stabbed two police officers called to the scene before being shot by the first responders.

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Boyd had been fighting for custody of Gabriella when she died. Just before the killing, he and Mamaroneck police arrived at Arce’s home last April with a court order, but the mother refused to let the child go.

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Arce will be eligible for parole in the year 2044.