STAMFORD, Conn. (CBSNewYork) – A Connecticut judge in the Fotis Dulos case has denied a request from his attorneys to continue his murder trial a month after he died from suicide.

Dulos was charged with killing his estranged wife Jennifer, who disappeared in May of 2019.

Her body was never found.

Dulos’s attorney argued that the case continue so they could clear his name, but the judge in Stamford sided with prosecutors, who declined to proceed.

Dulos’s attorney offered a new theory on the case.

“If Ms. Dulos is in fact dead, we have to believe she met her end at the hand of third parties unrelated to Mr. Dulos and without his knowledge,” attorney Norm Pattis said.

Pattis also said that someone dumped bloody clothing and other items on Dulos’s lawn. He panicked and disposed of them.

Prosecutors say Dulos attacked Jennifer after she dropped their kids at school.


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