NEW YORK (CBSNewYork)Timothy Cardinal Dolan is reacting to President Donald Trump‘s push for houses of worship to open across the country.

The president said Friday that churches and other houses of worship are essential and should open up despite coronavirus lockdowns continuing in many states.

Trump even said he would “override” governors who rule against him.

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The Archbishop of New York responded to the president’s comments on Saturday.

“Well, look, I appreciate his sensitivity to acknowledging that the churches are essential services and need to gradually reopen. I also want to take seriously the guidelines that he and his health care professionals have put out to guide us in that decision,” he said.

Right now in New York, religious services with 10 or fewer people will be permitted as long as participants stay a safe distance apart and wear masks.

  1. JG says:

    It is clear that is in the First Amendment and no one in the Government has any right to do anything against Religion or Houses of Religion. This has been the worse over reach by government in all areas.

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