NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The NYPD made hundreds of arrest overnight as protest continued across the country over the death of George Floyd in police custody.

Video shows luxury stores, like Chanel, targeted in SoHo. Fireworks were set off and some windows were smashed as large crowds gathered in the street.

Police said approximately 250 people were arrested, six officers suffered non-life-threatening injuries, and roughly a dozen police vehicles were damaged.

Officers blocked off the area to investigate.

Business owners like Elliott Kurland felt powerless to do anything.

“I was going to come here about 2, 3 o’clock in the morning. My brother said, ‘Don’t go. You’ll get killed,'” Kurland told CBS2’s Kevin Rincon.

His Leica SoHo shop on West Broadway was ransacked. For the last seven years he’s been selling and repairing cameras in this store, and overnight many were stolen.

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But while assessing the damage, something happened.

Neighbors came in holding boxes of whatever they could salvage. They even locked things up in a back closet.

Christiane Lemieux lives across the street.

“This is a man. This isn’t a corporation,” Lemieux said. “As much as people want to take things out on corporations, this is also my backyard. These are my neighbors. These are human beings.”

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She said she sympathized with demonstrators, saying they have a right to march and to protest, but said what happened here was different.

“Five cars came up. Everybody got out. They had no license plates on the front of their cars. They hit every store in our neighborhood. They got in their cars and drove off,” Lemieux said.

She said was organized, and not representative of the peaceful marches seen all over the city, which is why she stepped in to help, alongside her kids, including her 12-year-old son, William.

“Our neighborhood, we all watch out for each other and this matters. And I don’t want this to happen, and this is just all too much,” William said.

As for Kurland, he was shellshocked, by not just the path of destruction, but by the willingness of strangers to help.

“It’s amazing what they did,” he said.

While Sunday’s demonstrations started peacefully, they once again took a violent turn for the fourth straight night.

There was, however, a rare moment of unity in Times Square. An NYPD officer was seen taking a knee in solidarity and was then hugged by a demonstrator.

“People from all over the place feel the same way,” one protester told CBS2. “We’re all hurt, we’re all tired, and we’re all coming together. This is going to happen for a change.”

A large group from Bryant Park joined another from Union Square and marched together into Times Square.

“I just love seeing how everyone has come together and just come here to support one another,” another protester added.

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Protesters eventually walked downtown across the Manhattan Bridge to meet up with another group in Brooklyn, where scenes were more tense. Some demonstrators staged a die-in protest, and police cars were painted with graffiti.

Throughout the weekend, cameras captured fires, vandalism and looting.

Police arrested 27-year-old Samantha Shader, of Catskill, for allegedly throwing a Molotov cocktail into a police van with officers inside. She was charged with attempted murder.

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Mayor Bill de Blasio said officers will be investigated as well, after video showed an NYPD cruiser lurching into a crowd near Prospect Park. Protesters had been hitting the car with debris.

“These acts of the NYPD wielding multi-ton vehicles against protesters undermines the effort to make our streets safer,” said Transportation Alternatives Deputy Director Connor DiAquoi.

The mayor said the incident is under internal investigation by the NYPD, but the state attorney general will also look into cases where officers appeared to react with aggression.

He initially said there was no plan for a curfew, but later Monday one was imposed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, from 11 p.m.-5 a.m.

Comments (17)
  1. m stella says:

    All for george floyd – and colored folks still baffled why cops don’t trust them. For anyone who thinks this all made things better, you are beyond idiots.

  2. elfinarcher84 says:

    In 1918 it was Paul Warburg’s gold-filled train crammed with Bolsheviks sent to St. Petersburg to start the Bolskevik-Communist revolution..

    Now it’s George S.’s money slipped to Antifa commies to the blue cities of America..

  3. atthemurph says:

    This is how the Communists operate. Create chaos, strife and rioting in the streets and be ready to assume power in the vacuum. Nothing has changed in over 100 years.

  4. Lunatic Fringe says:

    You can’t expect them to fight for justice at Walmart can you?

  5. dwstick1 says:

    The good news is, not a single pair of work boots was looted!

  6. Kenneth LePig says:

    Martin Looter King would be pleased

  7. kentuckian says:

    Why don’t they loot the Dollar Store or National Work Wear?

  8. Marcus L. says:

    Societies and government are predicated on ORDER. Without ORDER, there can be no justice, At this juncture, ORDER requires the use of deadly force to halt the OUT OF CONTROL RIOTING MOBS. No more rubber bullets. Obey the curfew or get shot, period. THAT WILL RESTORE ORDER!

  9. Joesockit says:

    it’s clear that what the cops and NG are doing isn’t working. Apparently the business owners and law abiding people have no rights. The governments job is to protect people and they are failing to do it. In my opinion it’s time for a shoot to kill order for looters and arsonists. It was done in the 1960’s and the looting stopped in hours. The failure of the government officials to step up and make a decision is long passed. they should be removed frrom office for failure to do their job. You signed up to do a job. It’s not all ribbon cutting and giving speaches, sometimes you have to make tough decisions. Now is that time. Yeah, they want to get reelected so they don’t want to offend “The People” But they forget that the shop owners are people too. All the police assets that are destroyed will have to be replaced at taxpayer expense. This is not ok. Do your job or let the military come in and restore order. Its waaaaay past time. Unless someone has a better idea.

    1. Lunatic Fringe says:

      You get what you vote for. If our fearless leaders are not performing up to the job we need to remember when it comes time to vote.

  10. D John Purcell Purcell says:

    De Blasio’s daughter got her self a high end swet suit for nuffin’. Ugly runs deep in that family.

  11. English lesson – rioter, not protestor.

  12. TomasCruz says:

    These rioters, arsonist and looters are far worse than the cop who murdered George Floyd.

  13. Jamesxx says:

    If concern is for lives then why not protest the almost coninuous 100’ss of deaths in Chicago alone? If protests not about lives then what are they about?

  14. Pat says:

    Looters are not protesters. They are from out of state taking advantage of the chaos.

    From my neighbor last night:

    Right now at 1:35am, the HOOD has completely taken over downtown, Soho area🤬 Looters galore and not even trying to hide it. Noticing cars with large groups of teens with license plates from New Jersey & Pennsylvania. It’s truly sad & frustrating. Cops are simply overwhelmed. Went outside my building because I smelled smoke and wanted to make sure my building was safe.

  15. lunatk999 says:

    because nothing says you’re against racism and criminal activity than looting expensive stores!

  16. CYRUS says:

    Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi made a tremendous, powerful impact on civil rights through non violent, peaceful protests. When you incite violence, looting, destruction, you create even more pain and suffering, and are actually a part of the problem and not the solution.

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