LONG ISLAND (CBSNewYork) — Across Long Island, the digging is underway for backyard swimming pools, which are a coveted commodity.

Christopher Lombardo of All Star Swimming Pools says there is a rising demand for pool installations driven by COVID-19 and desires to stay home.

“We get about 30-40 calls a day,”said Lombardo in an interview with CBS2’s Jennifer McLogan. “Building departments are working at 30 percent capacity right now and they are being bombarded.”


Oceanside homeowner Anne Donohoe made the decision in February to get a pool.

“The pool? It’s totally saving us this summer. We are really, really lucky that we have it,” said Donohoe. “The hole was dug and then the virus struck and, of course everything came to a halt.”

But because the process had started, the Donohoe’s were lucky to see the pool completed last week. The Austin’s of Hewlett Harbor got their permits just as the pandemic hit.

“It will be amazing, I think that all the trips we planned on going on, I think they’re gonna be cancelled,” said Ron Austin.

“It’s a very good distraction during quarantine because I have been very bored,” said 13-year-old Kelly Austin.

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Village town and county inspectors tell us with the backlog for pool permits and daily requests coming in, it is doubtful they can keep up this summer.

“Not just with the permits now, once you start a job, the material, the raw materials to build these swimming pools, they’re scarce right now.”

Pool pumps, filters and heaters are all in high demand. The Vaykovich family of West Hempstead looks at their pool plans with fingers crossed. Gavin and Luke Vaykovich hope their prayers come true. The pool they planned for in March still hasn’t broken ground.

“We’ve been trying not to get everybody’s hopes up too soon,” said Tyler Vaykovich, a West Hempstead house owner.

The Vaykovich’s are dreaming of their own little garden oasis at home.


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