NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Mayor Bill de Blasio disputes Gov. Andrew Cuomo‘s assessment of police reform in New York City, saying “he doesn’t have his facts straight.”

In a radio interview Friday, the mayor accused of the governor of making personal attacks.

“The governor should take his personal feelings out of the situation and actually engage and respect the NYPD and the changes that’s made, and respect the fact that this administration from day one has been focused on change and reform,” he told WNYC.

On Thursday, Cuomo blasted de Blasio for allegedly dragging his feet in drawing up a plan to redesign the NYPD.

“Look, if he wants to make personal attacks, he can do that. But he does not have his facts right,” said the mayor. “Seven years of nonstop reform, and it’s time we have an honest conversation about this and stop these games.”

De Blasio said his administration has decreased arrests, lowered the mass incarceration level, implemented de-escalation and implicit bias training, and more recently the NYPD disbanded the Anti-Crime unit and publicly released a new disciplinary matrix.

“All of these changes are real. Again, no police force in New York State comes close to having achieved these may reforms,” he said. “They do matter, and there’s more coming.”

The governor issued an executive order months ago giving every city, town and village until April 1, 2021 to reimagine their policing tactics or lose state funding.

“One hundred and forty-six jurisdictions in this state have already sat down at the table and started the reimagining process,” Cuomo said Thursday.

He said it’s “unacceptable” that New York City isn’t on that list, especially given the recent spike in gun violence.

“Every New Yorker can tell you that the crime problem has gotten worse,” he said.

A spokesperson for de Blasio fired back Thursday, saying, “Echoing Donald Trump’s attacks on New York City is not helping our recovery.”

Below is a statement in response to the mayor from Richard Azzopardi, senior advisor to the Governor:

The Executive Order mandates a process of engagement between the community, the City Council and the police department to re-imagine public safety in a way that works for all. Past actions have not addressed the fundamental relationship issue. One hundred forty six communities have already started this process and no other place needs it more than New York City— get everyone at the table and get to work.

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