NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A caravan of Jewish supporters of President Donald Trump clashed with counter protesters Sunday in Times Square, leading to fights, objects being hurled at cars and several arrests.

With more than a week to go until Election Day, the group called “Jews for Trump” spent most of the day peacefully driving from Brooklyn to Manhattan rallying for the president. Things took a turn when the caravan made its way through Times Square.

Trump supporters and counter-protesters clashed as caravan rallies traveled through Manhattan and Brooklyn in support of President Donald Trump on Oct. 25, 2020. (Credit: CBS2)

One Trump supporter wearing a red hoodie jumped out of his vehicle after a counter protesters allegedly taunted his daughter, who was with him.

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The conflict quickly escalated with more physical fights. Some people were seen with bloodied faces, and one person had to be taken away on a stretcher.

Police arrested seven people for various charges ranging from assault to disorderly conduct and harassment.

Earlier in the day, the Jews for Trump caravan started peacefully. Cars and trucks flanked with “Trump 2020” signs winded their way through Brooklyn, then traveled to Manhattan.


Police are investigating several incidents of rocks being thrown at the caravan, including on Prospect Expressway, where people were captured on camera launching rocks from an overpass.

People in Midtown were also seen whipping rocks and eggs at cars carrying Trump attorney and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who was part of the Trump caravan.

Later, dozens of cars blocked traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge as the cavalcade made its way to an evening rally at Marine Park.

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Comments (19)
  1. Its always the same. Create a division of the people. Then exploit that divide with each and every incident. In Yugoslavia, religion was used to divide the people. In Germany, the divide was between the Native German people and the Jews. In the US the divide is obvious. The goal is dehumanization in the minds of those being divided to justify mass slaughter on both sides. Lenin did it. Hitler did it. Mao did it. Now it’s in the US. Gun Control has always been a centerpiece of the plan, for it can not be safely carried out by the perpetrators without it. Winter is coming.

  2. Antisemitic followers of Ilhan Omars.

    1. John says:

      That’s a rather ignorant and uninformed comment. You must be a Trump supporter.

      1. honky2017 says:

        No it’s an opinion.

      2. Arian says:

        Are you defending the rock throwers? How much hate was there for people to drive in support of their president? And how much hate was there to throw rocks at them? You’re the moron when you can’t understand the difference between the two. Good God grow up.

  3. JakkiK says:

    So, according to Democrats, the only one allowed to have an opinion, are Democrats, BLM, NFAC and Antifa. Any Conservative that dares to make their opinions known, shall be assaulted…

    1. John says:

      So you just pulled that “alternative fact” our of your empty brain? Pretty typical of hateful right.

  4. Alrighty Then says:

    Violent jew hating socialist Democrats exposed as the fascists they are once again.

  5. fred says:

    Those “peaceful” Democrat protesters are throwing rocks again. At least they didn’t burn anything down this time. Democrats are the reason our country can’t have nice things. *smh*

  6. bart Ballew says:

    Should I vote for Biden and Harris, whose supporters throw rocks from overpasses targeting Jewish folks, simply because of their beliefs? The anti-Semites can be seen for who they are now.

  7. wudndux says:

    So, who should one support: peaceful people or the people who now routinely assault peaceful people while claiming their victims are the real assailants?

    Throwing rocks off of overpasses is attempted murder. Why would I support their candidate? Why would I want their candidate running the federal government?

  8. Justista says:

    And they say on the news that Trump is responsible for all this violence. Why, because he has peaceful people that support him?
    Look who is the root of the violence. It isn’t Trump and his supporters.
    Are you going to be bullied by fake news and violent, anti think a vote for Biden is a way out of national Chaos?
    Be careful what you wish for.
    Trump 2020!

    1. chechnya says:

      Peaceful? OH PLEASE. I guess you didn’t read the article and see the bit where you had Trump supporters rush counter-protesters? Oh yeah, so peaceful. You people are snowflake victims, when did the right turn that way? It’s embarrassing.

      1. “Trump supporters rush counter-protestors” Perhaps you should watch the video report. Are you trying to tell us that people throwing rocks, paint, etc. at you vehicle and trying to intimidate your young child are the peaceful ones? Chechnya’s people might passively allow this crap, but this ain’t Chechnya!!!!

    2. John says:

      I’m all for Trump 2020 – For Federal Prison. Including the rest of his corrupt family. And you are woefully ignorant. It’s the race-hating, violent, white supremacist morons that have engaged in all the violence. All encouraged by Trump, but you know that already, so spin all the lies you want like your Orange Master, you’re all going down.

  9. Pixie says:

    Imagine a world where Jews are assaulted for not supporting a radical leftist socialist. Sounds like Nazi Germany. Sad that it’s present-day America.

    1. Pete says:

      Insightful comment, Pixie.Thanks.

    2. John says:

      Imagine a world where connedspiracy, conjecture, fabrication and straw arguments didn’t rule the political airwaves; where common sense, fact, truth and reason prevailed. There is no “radical leftist socialist” – this is more connedspiracy stupidity that you morons made up to justify your hate.

    3. MJ says:

      Pixie, your comment is so true! I hope that Jews who see this report and read the comments will see the horrible truth about the leftwingers and vote for Trump.
      And just ignore ‘John’; he is just another scared Damnocrat running off at his filthy mouth..

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