Brooklyn DA Hynes: Murder Indictment In Killing Of 8-Year-Old Coming This Week

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Levi Aron, accused of killing 8-year-old Leiby Kletzky of Borough Park one week ago, is expected to be indicted this week.

On Monday morning, more boxes of evidence were collected and removed from Aron’s Kensington, Brooklyn home. Over the weekend, investigators took dozens of pieces of evidence, including furniture and his car.

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Authorities were busy not only at Aron’s home, allegedly where the murder happened, but in other places in the country. Using Aron’s DNA, police were  investigating whether he may be connected to any other cases of child abuse — or worse.

Investigators are fanning out to Tennessee, Arkansas and Florida. In all those places he either married or was engaged to single Jewish women.

“We’re gathering as much forensic evidence as we can,” Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes said.

Forensic DNA expert Lawrence Kobilinsky said it’s obvious to him what cops are up to.

“It’s rather unusual for a stellar citizen to jump to the point of murdering a child and dismembering the body,” Kobilinsky said. “I think the police feel that there may be other victims.”

Kobilinsky said cops are likely using a chemical called Luminol to test what they’ve taken for the presence of blood.

“This is a chemical that will react, give off light in the presence of blood,” explained Kobilinsky. “So they are looking for the presence of blood spatter throughout the house and they’re taking various items of furniture where there may be evidence of other victims.”

Anything recovered can be tested against a database of DNA from missing children.

Hynes said that the evidence that was being taken from Aron’s house will be part of the murder indictment against him, which will be unsealed this week.

“We will ask for the main charge of felony murder, based on the kidnapping, which is murder in the first degree,” Hynes said.

Police said Kletzky got lost when leaving day camp, and asked the wrong man for directions. Kletzky was killed and his dismembered body was found in two different Brooklyn locations.

Congressman Michael Grimm, whose Staten Island district also covers a part of Brooklyn, was an FBI agent.

“The very first thing that crossed my mind is that we had a psychopath on our hands. And that there could possibly be more bodies out there,” Grimm told CBS 2’s Pablo Guzman.

Aron, 35, has been undergoing psychiatric evaluation at Bellevue Hospital and his attorneys are reportedly considering an insanity defense.

“It would be hard to fathom an individual actually committing an act such as this, without some sort of deranged or mental imbalance, so a psychiatric defense is a possibility,” said Pierre Bazile, Aron’s attorney.

But Murray Richman, who has been practicing law for 47 years, said it comes down to a simple question: does the person know right from wrong when the crime is committed?

Richman said Hynes’ team will tell the judge that by not coming to police with the boy, by hiding the boy and by trying to cover the crime up, it proves Aron knew what he did was wrong.

Richman said Aron will be examined by two separate psychiatrists who won’t consult with each other.

“And each have to independently come to a conclusion, that he’s incapable of standing trial,” said Richman.

But he said that doesn’t happen often. Even mentally dubious suspects usually go to trial.

Kobilinsky said he believes Aron is disturbed, perhaps even psychotic, and anyone who recalls seeing him act suspiciously should report it to police.

“People should have seen something going on in his past,” said Kobilinsky. “It’s very unusual for them to go completely unnoticed in society, so my suspicion is there is a history here that needs to be opened up and studied.”

Yosef Moskowitz said he knew Aron growing up and that he seemed normal, but that as he got older, he seemed to grow socially awkward.

“He needed help. He really needed psychiatric help. And somewhere along the line, people, the family maybe missed it,” he said.

“This is brutality. This is ugliness. This is everything that is bad in this world,”Assemblyman Dov Hikind added.

This week will also mark the end of the shiva which Leiby’s family has been sitting for the last seven days. Family and friends have been coming by their apartment, trying to comfort them. They also want to provide them with a sense of strength to get through what could be a difficult few weeks as details emerge about what happened to their son.

“God should give them relief, and hopefully that they should be able to continue in life and raise the rest of their family, and participate in their happiness and their joy and happy times together,” said family friend Yosroel Friedman.

If Levi Aron is convicted, what would the appropriate punsihment in this case? Prison, therapy or something else? Sound off in our comments section.

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  1. sandy jones says:


    Jail is too good for this monster; maybe they would torture and kill
    him in jail which is what he deserves. My heart aches for
    the parents of that child, the pain they must be going through.

  2. Rayeanne says:

    I have not yet heard or seen this mentioned. But, something really stands out to me in this case. If this psycho panicked and try to get rid of this precious boys body, and he put his remains in a suitcase and discarded of him, then why on earth would he keep parts, such as the victims feet, in his refrigerator?

    Serial killers, many times, keep something from their victims as a prize. This freak keeping a part of this boy in his possession speaks volumes to me. I think it points to someone who has done this before. It points to someone who got off on it and needed a piece of this boy to remember him by. That is just sick and needs to be examined.

    This boys parents are living the most horrible pain I think a parent can face. I would rather die than to live through the agonizing thought of my child being tortured and killed. My heart just hurts at the thought of the little boys last moments and for the pain this family will forever feel.

  3. jas says:

    He should be killed he took an innocent life in the worst way.”MONSTER” is what is real name! if he gets away with this do you understand how many of these sick Sicko are going to do this cause they know they could get away with it !please do all a favor an kill this MONSTER an spare the future of our kids!

  4. A says:

    It is more likely than not that what we have here is a dangerous serial killer. This type of individual does not need to be part of the human race. Authorities need to connect the dots. Insane. Good luck with that one. Not according in the eyes of the law. Knowing right from wrong would throw out that defense.His planning and hiding proves it.

  5. CINDY says:


  6. Guy that saw Lyle Alzado once at Newark Airport says:

    Love how any comment with even the slightest hint of anti-jewish gets deleted, and rather quickly I may add.

  7. Not Fair says:

    Jail? More tax payers money. No way

  8. MsOldies says:

    Hang him in times square for everyone to see, so psychos like him will know what awaits for them.

    —-And then people could have some piece of mind letting their children enjoy outdoors…

  9. tarzan says:

    this monster does not deserve to be judged by human beings. He should be judged by a team of tigers in their cage. They will heal him immediatly from hearing those strange voices. Also teach him a new approache how to dismember a lovely supper without using devil knives.

  10. amber says:

    TOMY++ROT IN HELL. the world was prob much more dangerous about 50, 75 years ago, w/o camera surveillance, and guess what???kids WALKED to school and back, younger than 8, and for miles.

    1. keep kids safe says:

      But it was safer then .Now when kids are taken they are killed most of the times.Why take the chance you must not have kids.

  11. amber says:

    really? so children, until the age of 18 must be walked to school and back. you are an example of all that is wrong w/ society. blaming the victim. rot in hell

  12. 123456 says:


  13. steve says:

    hang him in times square for everyone to see so psychos like him will think twice.

  14. jaypee says:

    I agree. If they were blacks or Latinos the cops would have thrown the book at the parents

  15. heather says:

    stop blaming the parents! its normal to allow a child to walk to the store or a bus stop. blame the monster who preyed on a lost child.


      Heather wake up and stop trying to say it was ok for a young boy like that to walk home look what happened.I think parents suffered enough they have to live with this huge mistake the rest of there lives.I never read a book or article of parents whose kids were kidnapped from walking home from school or from the store that they did not blame themselves.It is choice of parents not kids when to choose to let walk alone and now parents have to worry if it is worth your childs life for a little freedom me personally I rather have my child come home.

    2. jaypee says:

      I don’t think so. Most parents know better

  16. The Facts says:

    This guy knew right from wrong. Hopefully he will be convicted of the top charge and serve life without parole. We really need to reinstate the death penalty for such crimes.

  17. jj says:

    he deserves the death penalty, but unfortunately he can only get life in prison and hopefully hard labor too

  18. CINDY says:

    I would love to be alone with him for just 5 minutes, left to do whatever i wanted.. Jail is to good for him

    1. David H. says:

      Hi Cindy, I’m assuming you’re a woman. ?? 🙂

      1. Jellybean says:

        high five David…I see what you did there…

  19. pat says:

    JAIL, which I guarantee will be short lived.

  20. tear it down says:

    I wonder since that group is so close in that area are there any plans to buy that house and tear it down .I can only imagine the reminder if I had to walk past that hellhole evryday.

    1. democracy, huh? says:

      maybe someone should just light the house after they are finished with all the evidence and claim insanity for doing it…. they got ptsd…..nervous breakdown……..this was their only way of dealing with the trauma and it was beyond their control…. it was their natural instinct. I have relatives who live down the block from the devil’s house and I don’t plan on going to them in the next long while. I am not going near there. Some people from that neighborhood go to the catskills for the summer. At least their kids are not seeing all the drama going on right near them. I am glad I don’t live near there.

  21. IgnoranteElephante says:

    When it is all said and done, even if the judge lets him try the insanity defense, without a plea bargain from the prosecutor, the end result is up to a jury of his peers who would determine if he is insane, innocent, or just plain guilty, and judging by the public outcry that I see here, in the papers, and elsewhere, no jury is going to buy insanity.

    The question of whether he is fit to stand trial is a different one. If he is found unfit to stand trial, it just means he does not understand the nature of the proceedings and is unable to provide meaningful assistance in his defense due to a mental defect. It has no bearing on his mental state at the time of the crime and does not affect guilt or innocence. He would have to wait in a secure hospital until he is fit to stand trial. Not the most ideal scenario, but certainly not an acquittal.

    1. IgnoranteElephante says:

      In regars to the insanity defense, methodically dismembering someone to avoid capture for a kidnapping shows, in my opinion, that he understood the nature and consequences of his actions, and goes along way in debunking the insanity defense, where he–and not the state–would have to prove that a mental condition affected his substantial capacity to appreciate the nature and consequences of his act or that such act was wrong.

      That’s just my thoughts.

      1. drny says:

        Agreed. His detailed confession also shows that he was of sound mind.

    2. IMHO says:

      @Ignorante, I don’t believe anyone should be able to mommit murder for any reason (unless in pure self denfence) should be able to get out of jail!! Anyone who commits a murder should be put to death only if there is 100 percent hard evidence. If there is not 100 percent proof then those get put in jail for life with out ever having any chance at getting out…IMHO….

    3. Heart Broken Jew says:

      Well if he was fit to stand and keep a job for 16 years why shouldn’t he be fit to stand trial? these are all make up stories to be able to get away with murder

      1. IgnoranteElephante says:

        All it takes is a psychiatrist to convince a judge he is incapable of understanding the nature of the proceddings and assisting in his defense. Even if that were to happen, he would eventually be tried or die in a mental hospital.

      2. Marie Spiridigliozzi says:

        According to the article there will be 2 psychiatrists, that will be checking Ivan, also he has 2 attorneys, you need a lot of money to pay for them, unless he got those by the state.

      3. Marie Spiridigliozzi says:

        Sorry his name his Aron.

  22. s l says:

    pricon for life

  23. Goldy says:

    what’s this? any time someone does something that’s considered “crazy” they get to claim insanity to get out of it? Who cares if he’s insane? He could still be in jail. Why do lawyers have a right to claim insanity? why does the court even appoint lawyers for people like him? There’s no question about it. Insane or not, someone who does something like this deserves the worst punishment that anyone can ever get. If he gets out because he’s insane, why are any criminals in jail in the first place? Everyone has a certain amount of insanity and can claim that whatever they did was not in their control…. their insanity overtook them. Since when is insanity an excuse to do horrible things?

    1. Heart Broken Jew says:

      The lawyer said he is not court appointed he said he is hired by the family, I wonder if Aron hired him before he committed the murder

      1. ?????? says:

        heart broken jew..

        what are you saying? how can that be? I don’t think that would be true at all.

      2. justice? says:

        I don’t know why any lawyer would take on this case

      3. ANN says:


  24. Justicemustprevail says:

    Jail for life! He killed an innocent harmless.little boy and then chopped him up like poultry…..he needs to pay and not get off on an insanity plea!!!

  25. Ikam Qureshi Ave Plaza Hotel says:

    Hang him up in Borough Park than no one should do again this kind of crime

    1. Father of 12 says:

      Hang him for everyone to see sounds right. We must also ask ourselvs did society create this monster? How Human r we when we entertain ourselvs with Hostel or saw 1234 etc.?????? We don’t all flip, but are there one of a million that do???

  26. no justice says:

    Sounds like he will never see a day in federal prison .He will be in a nice hospital for next 20 or 30 years .Cops should of just shot him when they caught him.

    1. Larry Schwarz says:

      It would have been great if this lunatic had given Police a reason to take him out.I would not loose any sleep over this ———- death.May God give the family of this boy the strength to get through this awful time.

    2. drny says:

      He wouldn’t do federal prison. He would be in state penetentiary…

      1. crazy house says:

        He will never see a day in state prison.Any person who can chop someone up and a kid no less there is nowway he can be sane enough to stand trial.And you have people who grew up with him saying he was off and coworkers even said he acted funny.This guy is truly insane just wonder if this was his first time then what made him snap.

  27. abby says:

    whatever it is, it should be forever.

  28. jamieusa1 says:


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