NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Mayor Bill de Blasio says he’s still hoping to re-open New York City schools in less than a month.

The mayor said Thursday that he would like kids back in class on April 20.

That had been his target date on March 15 when he announced he was closing the public school system that educates more than 1 million students.

The mayor admits that meeting that April date will be a big challenge.


Students have been learning remotely during the coronavirus pandemic, which has forced schools, colleges and universities across the country to close.

At least one New York City public school staff member has died from the virus. Dezann Romain, 36, worked at Brooklyn Democracy Academy in Brownsville. Romain is being remembered as a cheerleader for her students.

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  1. david says:

    are you people actually blaming trump for deblasio wanting to open the schools again? they’re two completely different people.

  2. Stevin sherwin says:

    I voted for trump but now I regret voting for him.He is a very uncaring person..My kids can barely get out to throw out the garbage how is he making kids return back go to school from one month.Doesn’t he have kids ? he should understand these are kids we are talking about.

  3. Amanda sherwin says:

    The corona virus just started in march 15 and now de Blasio is making kids go back one month from now.Many people are dying .especially now the mayor is letting KIDS go back to school.The mayor seems very uncaring for others.

  4. jessica wendmen says:

    They must be out of their minds letting kids go to school knowing their will still be corona virus.Trump is very uncaring and there won’t be children going to school if they get affected by corona.

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