NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Some encouraging news and some sobering news about a COVID-19 vaccine, when might one be available – and will people actually take it?

In his latest Max Minute report, CBS2’s Dr. Max Gomez has the details about a coronavirus vaccine.

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Virtually since the beginning of the pandemic five months ago, much of America has hung its hopes on a coronavirus vaccine to beat the pandemic and get back to some version of normal life. And while some vaccine candidates may be getting closer, a new poll questions whether people will even take a COVID-19 vaccine.


With the first volunteer receiving a shot, Moderna officially began the phase three safety and efficacy trial of its novel RNA-based vaccine. The plan is to enroll 30,000 such volunteers, half of which will get a placebo and complete the trial in just a few months, rather than the several years such trials normally require.

But even if a safe and effective vaccine is available by year end and it was free, a new CBS News poll suggests there may not be takers, at least at first. The poll found that more than two third of Americans, 70%, would either wait to see what happens when other got the shot or would never get one. Fewer than one in three would get the vaccine right away.

Those attitudes were reflected in New Yorkers CBS2 asked on Monday.

“I don’t believe in vaccines. Never took ’em. I never even took a flu vaccine. That’s the way I grew up, I guess. Culturally, it’s the way I am,” one man said.

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“Not for me,” one woman said.

“I just work out, you know. Stay inside, stay safe. Eat healthy, be healthy. Live a good healthy life, you’ll be all right,” one man said.

“I don’t believe in vaccines or immunizations,” one woman said.

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Curiously, only 27% of those most at risk for COVID-19, Americans over age 65, would get the vaccine right away. And liberals are more than twice as likely to get one immediately than conservatives.

Seems there’s a lot of convincing to be done if a COVID-19 vaccine is going to save the economy.

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